Our February Stated will be conducted by the Council of Kadosh Officers. There will be a celebration of the Feast of Kadosh. Just a reminder, we are no longer serving dinner before the meeting.​

Dear Members,

It is with great regrets that I notify you of the closure of the Ladies Scottish Rite of the Valley of Norfolk.  We simply do not have the support necessary to carry on.

We have greatly enjoyed assisting the men in their endeavors and will still be available on an individual basis for future needs.  

We will be cleaning out our cabinets.  If anything there belongs to you, please contact me or Shirley White (at the Temple) to come and pick it up.

If anyone has any questions or concerns you may contact me or the secretary, Nancy Pennybacker.


Carri M. S. Douglas

Note: All members notified via email with contact information.

I presented this paper at a recent meeting of Norfolk Valley Scottish Rite. I detail the history and philosophy of Zoroastrianism and how it is an integral part of the 32nd degree. I also describes the meanings of many of the symbols depicted in this degree.