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It is my sad duty to report that Most Worshipful and Illustrious William Lee Holliday laid down his working tools on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018.

Bill Holliday was a mentor, a friend, and a leader in Virginia Masonry.

A memorial service will be held at Granby Street Masonic Temple on Sunday, August 19th. More details to follow.

Danville Valley hosts the 2018 Scottish Rite Conference September 21st and 22nd. The dress code will be the same as in previous years, but we will NOT wear caps at any event.
  • Valley Polos and khakis all day Friday.
  • Green Blazer, dress shirt and Valley tie, and black pants for Friday Dinner and all day Saturday.
  • Dark business suit for Saturday Dinner.

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The Supreme Council has produced a new petition for membership in the Scottish Rite. It is available on our homepage under "Documents". Please dispose of all previous forms of petitions.​


Norfolk Valley meets in a beautiful temple on Granby Street, along with 8 Masonic Lodges and other bodies. The temple corporation has started a newsletter, it is available under "Documents" on our home page.​

Due to the incoming snow on Wednesday, there is a good possibility schools and businesses will be closed Wednesday and/or Thursday.

The dinner has already been CANCELLED, out of consideration for our Ladies, who have to prepare the meal in advance.

So, we are either going to meet, and not have a dinner; or not meet at all.

Ill. Phil Taylor, 33° IGH, will decide on Thursday whether the meeting will still be held. You will all be notified via email on Thursday.

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