​​​​​​So you're new to the Valley! Now what?Black cap and tie.jpg

​You just completed the Reunion, you have received the 4th through the 32nd degrees. You are now a Master of the Royal Secret. Your head is probably swimming from all the ritual and lectures. So, you are asking, what do I do now?

Stated Meetings

Like the blue lodge, the Scottish Rite has regular stated, or business, meetings. Norfolk Valley meets on the third Thursday of each month. There are four bodies within the valley, each body does not meet every month:

  • Lodge of Perfection - Every month.​
  • Chapter of Rose Croix - Every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December).
  • Council of Kadosh - ​Every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December).
  • Consistory​ - ​Every three months (March, June, September, December).

You can see the upcoming meetings and other events in the Calendar. Each of the bodies has their own line of Officers who are elected or appointed at the December Stated, with some Officers serving all four bodies.  The head of the Lodge of Perfection is the Venerable Master, the equivalent of the Worshipful Master of a symbolic (blue) lodge. The Officers will open and close their body and conduct any business pertaining to them. Typically, all business is conducted in the Lodge of Perfection, with the other bodies concurring with their decisions. Every Master of the Royal Secret is eligible to attend all bodies of the Scottish Rite.

There are other events that occur during the year, such as the Fall and Spring Reunions, which is the only time new members receive the degrees. 

The Scottish Rite Ladies serve a wonderful dinner prior to our meetings for most of the year for just $8 a person. The Scottish Rite Mirror, our Valley newsletter (see "More Reading", below), will announce in which month the meals are served and a contact number. Please call to reserve your meal to ensure the Ladies have a proper count.

Dressing for Success

The uniform for all stated meetings and other events is coat and tie with the 32nd Degree Cap, or "Black Hat". We encourage new members to purchase a Green Blazer and other Valley accessories, but it is not required. The uniform varies during the year, and the changes are announced by the Venerable Master.


  • Green Blazer:  You can order this online from Uniforms Today
    Ensure you select "Hunter" in the drop down menu.
    Two Button Traditional Blazer - Item Code: 2011C​
  • White oxford shirt with Valley Tie: A black silk tie, available for $20.00 from the Secretary.
  • Valley Polo Shirt: Green polo shirt with embroidered Scottish Rite emblem, available for $30.00 from the Secretary.
  • Black Pants OR Khaki Pants (depending on the season).
  • Scottish Rite Cap: Black silk cap, available for $60.00 ​from the Secretary.​ Honor men wear a "Red Hat"  or "White Hat".
  • Green Blazer
  • White Oxford Shirt
  • Valley Tie (Black)
  • Black Pants
  • Scottish Rite Cap


  • Green Blazer
  • White Oxford Shirt
  • Valley Tie (Black)
  • Khaki Pants
  • Scottish Rite Cap


  • ​​Valley Polo Shirt (Green)
  • Khaki ​Pants
  • Scottish Rite Cap

Annual Stated (Officers)

  • Tuxedo
  • Scottish Rite Cap

Green Shirt.jpg
Uniform Tuxedo.jpg

Red Book.jpg 

More Reading

For other information about the Scottish Rite and your Valley, please review the "Red Book" presented you at your Reunion. It contains information about each of the degrees including the degree teams, as well as the current officers and committees, plus a whole lot more.
The Valley newsletter, The Scottish Rite Mirror, is mailed to all members. Previous editions are uploaded to the web site as well, click "Our Valley" at the top of the page. The January Mirror ​​contains contact information for the lodges and other Masonic bodies in our area.
New members receive a copy of "A Bridge to Light", which is an excellent introduction to the degrees you have received. Members may order a copy from the Scottish Rite Online Store. There are numerous other books available as well.
You can also visit the Supreme Council web site at ​http://scottishrite.org​. There are other links on the home page.

Click the About the AASR​ tab for the origins of the Scottish Rite.