Ill. Ronald A. Seale, 33°Sovereign Grand Commander
Ill. James D. Cole, 33°Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Virginia
Ill. C. A. “Skip” Parker, 33°, IGHPersonal Representative of S.G.I.G. Orient of Virginia
Ill. William L. Holliday, 33°Personal Representative of S.G.I.G. Orient of Virginia Emeritus
Ill. Carlton L. Gill, Jr., 33°Personal Representative of S.G.I.G. in Virginia
Ill. Richard A. Forgey, Jr., 33°Venerable Master, Norfolk Lodge of Perfection
Steve A. Ridgeway, 32° KCCHCommander, Norfolk Council of Kadosh
Lawrence W. Crocker, 32° KCCHMaster of Kadosh, Norfolk Consistory
Ill. Phillip Jay Taylor, Sr., 33°Director of Work
Ill. Richard E. Carlson, 33°Director of Ceremonies
Michael D. Johnstone, 32° KCCHPublic Relations Chairman
Lawrence W. "Buck" Crocker, 32° KCCHSick and Welfare Committee Chairman
Ill. T. Dudley Myers, 33°Secretary
Ill. Donnie E. Baines, 33°Treasurer
Gregory T. Gustafson, 32°Ambassador, Lake Drummond No. 178