​​The Scottish Rite holds Reunions in the Spring and Fall to initiate new members and to bring the members together for fellowship.

So why go to the Reunion?

1. For the candidates. Whether the class is 6 or 60, they need to see that the members of their Valley are there to support them, just like with any blue lodge degree.

2. For the cast and crew. There are dozens of your brothers who put in long hours learning the ritual, rehearsing it together, and performing it. Not to mention all the brothers who work behind the scenes with lights, sound, paraphernalia, and costumes to create an impressive show. They need your support.

3. For YOURSELF. That's right, for you. Whether you joined Scottish Rite last spring or twenty years ago, there is always something to be learned. No one can remember all of the lessons they received the first time they saw the degrees. By seeing them again, the deeper meanings will be revealed to you.

4. For all of us. It is called a Reunion for a reason: It is a time for all the Brethren of the Valley to come together, to see friends you haven't seen in some time and share in fellowship. No admission fee, no hotel reservations to make. What better time than now?​ ​

 2015 Fall Reunion